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12000 km
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Larry Rebi...
~ 11755 km
21/10/2017 16:12
61 Montana, Billings / United States 177 cm 108 kg
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~ 12748 km
21/10/2017 14:58
51 California, San Jose / United States 170 cm 72 kg
Been told I'm smart by people I consider to be.Love to learn new things or better way.Try to be open minded and empathetic.Former Marine,now,Welder,Paralegal.Enjoy reading,running,working out,or just relaxing with loved ones
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~ 12738 km
21/10/2017 03:18
65 California, San Jose / United States 178 cm 94 kg
Don't let the chronological age fool you. I'm 40 in hexadecimal and that's how I feel. With age comes respect, consideration, and some wisdom. That's what's needed for a great relationship. I'm a smart guy who knows how to use English grammar (my mother was an English teacher) and how to type. Believe it or not, I am a real person who likes to discuss life, current events, and science. Although my profile says that I am married, that relationship status may change.
~ 8422 km
12/09/2017 14:18
56 Florida, Miami / United States 180 cm 88 kg
I am intelligent, calm hear-ted, and polite man, In my heart and soul I am a great romantic person who knows how to treat his partner with so much love and care and passion. I know how to create special atmosphere for a magnificent night with my beloved partner. I am very faithful and loyal. I'm also a very loving man and i value sincere and kind attitude towards me. i would like to show my beloved woman how this world is beautiful. i am not afraid to express my feelings.
~ 11917 km
28/06/2017 04:23
36 Utah, Cedar City / United States
well its simple here as you cant really know much until you visit with me a bit so ill simply add a little bit. I am a very open person and far from shy, with that being said i would like for you to ask me anything you wish to and to not be afraid. I am very friendly as well. I cannot forget to mention that i am and always have been a very big smart ass. oh and you might want to know that i lost my left leg just above the knee in a terrible accident not of my fault back in 2007
~ 11909 km
09/06/2017 20:39
43 Utah, Salt Lake City / United States 168 cm 52 kg
I'm curious to what will happen
~ 12761 km
29/05/2017 19:37
60 California, Fremont / United States 162 cm 85 kg
I'm romantic, monogamous, full of life, great energy, great energy, easy going,loving & sensual man seeking his equal. I'm a big fuzzy teddy bear that loves to kiss. I have true appreciation of a genuine person. I am goal oriented and know exactly what I want in life and have achieved nearly every goal I have set (with exception of one, the Ultimate true love) . I am successful, educated, and extremely patient and thrive on helping others better themselves. I am a sponge for knowledge and enjoy debating and discussing politics, sex, religion/spirituality, the paranormal, history, and trivia. I am not shy about any subject and I have some very interesting paranormal experiences to share, do you? I love positive and healthy conversation, good laughs, good times and most importantly a good heart!
~ 8445 km
29/05/2017 15:55
55 New York, Bronx / United States 100 cm 40 kg
im single and i have no kids
~ 9822 km
27/05/2017 19:41
53 Wisconsin, Waukesha / United States 188 cm 118 kg
Lonely guy looking to have fun
~ 8649 km
10/05/2017 23:03
47 United States
I want to travel again. I am looking to either find a wife or have one find me. I would like both of us to marry in the Church and be able to live and travel back and forth sometimes to your country and then to mine. I do not mind moving overseas and am hoping to make someone very happy and special every day. I understand communication is very important and words said in anger are no good at all. I love learning different languages. I try to dabble in French, Russian, Norweigian also. I think my dream place to live is Norway but am open to anywhere else as well.
~ 9812 km
02/05/2017 04:09
50 Missouri, Saint Louis / United States 174 cm
Just trying to help the one for me find me. I am a big bold and beautiful woman. Not a skinny one yet a cute and curvy, wonderful woman. I love innocence of heart and adore a man who can appreciate the newness of being in the company of one who has it. Unpretentious. I am seeking a provider of love in abundance and one who is totally willing to show it. I hope the one for me will find me soon. Happier is this New Year as I hope to share it with HIM.
Empereur P...
~ 8440 km
26/04/2017 17:05
24 Florida, Hollywood / United States 178 cm 75 kg
Aymuntine ...
~ 12305 km
20/04/2017 04:40
26 United States
~ 10016 km
20/04/2017 01:15
44 Missouri, Linn Creek / United States
~ 12761 km
22/03/2017 07:48
39 California, Fremont / United States
Stephen Es
~ 8437 km
16/03/2017 17:19
35 New York, Brooklyn / United States
~ 9990 km
15/03/2017 09:36
26 Texas, Houston / United States
~ 12068 km
15/03/2017 03:57
20 Nevada, Las Vegas / United States
~ 13084 km
14/03/2017 09:22
38 Oregon, Portland / United States 146 cm 145 kg
I'm from Texas I've been living in Oregon for 4 years and I work at meals on wheels in Hillsboro Oregon and I live with my mom right now and I have a Orange cat that lives with me and if you want to know more about me just ask
~ 6236 km
09/03/2017 16:46
27 Texas, Dallas / United States
~ 12749 km
02/03/2017 08:19
35 California, Milpitas / United States
Dawson Dav...
~ 10352 km
27/02/2017 05:25
47 Minneapolis / United States
Am just myself
~ 0 km
18/02/2017 14:38
22 New York / United States 183 cm 80 kg
~ 8617 km
13/02/2017 12:01
20 Maryland, Laurel / United States
Sarjo Wuye...
~ 8446 km
02/02/2017 18:43
29 New York / United States
~ 8446 km
24/01/2017 10:55
52 New York / United States 184 cm 74 kg
I am an easy going man with lots of respect for women because I know what importance they play in our life either as a mother or as a wife. I am kind, caring, fun-loving and romantic guy that loves getting to know lots of new people. I enjoy going to the pub with friends, meals out, cinema, theater, walks along the beach, cycling and playing/watching different sports.
~ 12297 km
07/01/2017 21:35
22 Pasadena / United States 140 cm 53 kg
I'm a smart guy willing to be someone's spouse, I love joke, party,having fun,Games. I'm very expansive and love to meet new people who are good indeed, I'm kind and understand a situation, I'm so impressed to be here and have a date with..expecting to meet someone to stay with.
~ 12748 km
01/01/2017 19:52
23 San Jose / United States
~ 8536 km
30/10/2016 11:22
55 Wilmington / United States
~ 10487 km
21/10/2016 14:54
44 Abilene / United States
~ 12297 km
16/10/2016 10:40
33 Pasadena / United States 178 cm 70 kg
~ 9712 km
25/09/2016 18:38
37 Chicago / United States
~ 12769 km
30/08/2016 22:10
33 Mountain View / United States 175 cm 94 kg
gsm 0489524184 belcikada yasiyorum
~ 8462 km
30/08/2016 20:54
65 Newark / United States
Retired. now. Want to know something. Just ask. I do not go to different sites you want that ask for my Skype or phone number Then you can call or live video call. I won't answer any other way other than on this site. Have a good day
~ 8669 km
25/08/2016 19:18
55 Manassas / United States 187 cm 95 kg
I am a genuine, exceptionally horny, down to earth guy with welcoming "equipment" and a sense of fun in and out of the bedroom. I have a very eclectic taste for pussy and I am always trying to find new ways to please. I enjoy meeting women with open minds who enjoy exploring me while I do for them whatever they ask, wherever they ask. Face it, we all get horny outside of the bedroom at times!! New places, and trying new things only adds to the moment. Be it in or out of the bedroom I always put everything I have into making and keeping my partner satisfied with sensational sex, exquiste oral, stamina, and perhaps breakfast in bed. If you can keep me `up` all night, then expect to be completely satisfied by morning! Right now I am not diligently looking for anything committal or permanent, but at the same time, I still keep my eye's and options open. Who knows, maybe I will find that >>"'I can't live without you Babe"'<< kind of girl ! If the chemistry is right and good between us, we might just end up exothermic!
~ 9712 km
28/06/2016 23:36
53 Chicago / United States 160 cm 200 kg
Im viberate.outspoken.lonely.dazed,dorky,geeky,loving,old,love to joke,smile, to go boating,bowling,cook,organized,clean,adventous,truck driver,love to travel.
~ 11933 km
16/06/2016 08:21
50 Providence / United States 175 cm 60 kg
~ 8260 km
13/06/2016 21:27
72 Brunswick / United States 185 cm 105 kg
Divorced with 3 adult sons. Business owner looking for best friend and future wife. I enjoy travel and most anything to be active. I am honest and romantic and positive about life.
~ 12769 km
24/05/2016 18:37
32 Mountain View / United States
~ 8429 km
17/04/2016 05:52
41 Absecon / United States 185 cm 84 kg
Jacob Robe...
~ 9332 km
16/04/2016 14:02
21 Toledo / United States 172 cm 92 kg
~ 9545 km
13/04/2016 19:49
39 Portage / United States
I am a very passionate and active person. I love environment and people. I work with children in social settings, I help out in my local government. I have 2 ducks and 2 cats. I love to play sports and lead a very full life and travel very often. I enjoy life and though I am often working with very sad things in environment. I enjoy making a difference and I love to smile
sharon kes...
~ 8642 km
10/04/2016 08:48
32 Annandale / United States 148 cm 60 kg
I am happy with who I am, I have lived & learnt from my lessons of life. I admit I am shy to start with but take pride in being open, honest, caring, trustworthy & someone who is worth knowing. I want to meet someone special rather than having a need to meet someone. I have realized that the past is exactly that, the past, & I have learnt many lessons from which I believe has enabled me to become more aware of who I am & also the type of woman I wish to meet & hopefully understands & believes that faith, loyalty, trust and respect are the foundations of not only friendship but also a strong and loving relationship. I prefer to live in the present and look forward to the future than worry about the past.
~ 8618 km
08/04/2016 14:10
68 Cape Coral / United States 188 cm 51 kg
Easy going guy iso a life partner, I enjoy many things from the out doors to cuddling on the couch, Please, If you don't live in the state of Florida do not message me, I'm not here to find friends, I do not want a long distance relationship, If you don't have a picture don't bother to message me I will delete, If we can't drive to see each other I'm not interested.
izzet çeti...
~ 12769 km
05/04/2016 06:18
33 Mountain View / United States 178 cm 80 kg
Sessiz sakin spor yapmayı gezmeyi müzik dinlemeyi severim
~ 12769 km
05/04/2016 02:58
55 Mountain View / United States 175 cm 68 kg
I am very loving honest faithful trustworthy I hate the lies froud and cheater and looking for loving true and like true people I found on most sites 95 present cheating the people tell now from last 2 years I have not found any real good lady .I'm well strong hardworking warm hot person phicacally sex wise always ready for fun. Lady from any culture any religion nice slim good looking age 25 to 50 years but not fat Slim sexy nice round figure jolly mood not selfish. Very important part of body nice strong hard rod nice and romantic long plasure.
~ 12748 km
29/03/2016 02:14
41 San Jose / United States 185 cm 99 kg
I'm looking for somebody who dosent want to change me I like fishing hunting camping outside shit even walking and drinking cold beer
~ 9969 km
27/03/2016 14:17
52 Westfield / United States
i'm a double leg amputee and a paraplegic,i live on my own and need no assistance with living on my own. I like to romance my woman with candle light dinners and flowers for no reason and what most women like is when i leave little love poems laying around the house where she can find them . I like cooking,the outdoors i'm east going and very fun to be around
~ 8434 km
20/03/2016 04:27
41 Flushing / United States 171 cm 60 kg
I am a kindly man
james robe...
~ 10417 km
17/03/2016 04:25
49 Central District / United States
~ 8446 km
13/03/2016 17:30
53 New York / United States 176 cm 95 kg
~ 9723 km
29/02/2016 14:54
53 Chicago / United States 182 cm
Fact that it is always the case of a new evolving matter of fact towards for and against any of the relative possibilities of another person who has a very malleable state of sense of prejudices perhaps maybe racist and fascist racist u
Hakeem abi...
~ 10417 km
19/01/2016 13:44
28 United States 150 cm 83 kg
I am very true real, not materialistic, but do enjoy the finer things in life. One of my fundamental beliefs is how we treat one another. I am passionate about respect appreciation for other people. I am easily touched by the simplest of things. I love to laugh and love humor on all levels. I try and enjoy every minute of day. I am giving and forgivingperson. I enjoy Traveling, Boating, Fishing, Picnics, Walks on the beach, Movies, Playing Pool, Motorcycling, Going out for Coffee, Lounging by the Beach next to each other watching the sunset, also enjoy Cooking and love it when the chore is share with my partner, and also treasure quiet moments at home. One of the most important things for me in a relationship is Loyalty,Honesty Sincerity.
~ 12811 km
17/01/2016 18:16
57 San Francisco / United States 177 cm 81 kg
I am an easy going man with lots of respect for women because I know what importance they play in our lifes either as a mother or as a wife. I am kind, caring, fun-loving and romantic man that loves getting to know lots of new people. I enjoy going to the pub with friends, meals out, cinema, theater, walks along the beach, cycling and playing/watching different sports.
frank donk
~ 12811 km
15/12/2015 08:23
43 San Francisco / United States
i am frank onderdonk by name
~ 8663 km
28/11/2015 10:01
30 Herndon / United States 150 cm 65 kg
am fair in colour and god fearing
~ 12746 km
26/11/2015 16:56
31 San Jose / United States
~ 8648 km
10/11/2015 10:16
41 McLean / United States 182 cm 75 kg
I am an independent Man who enjoys the simple pleasures of life: walking barefoot along the white sand beaches of Florida or some Caribbean island, working in my yard, expressing my creativity through different art and music mediums, and spending quality time with the ones I love.
~ 10417 km
31/10/2015 21:28
45 Lynchburg / United States 174 cm 79 kg
down to earth honest no drama love the outdoors beaches, hunting , pls no lies so if you are not serious no need to waste our time. I m very serious in what I do I want the lady I find to be the center of my life.. I will make her happy and put her first in my life except for GOD.
~ 10012 km
24/10/2015 12:40
62 Houston / United States
I have been told my personality traits include: generous, respectful, friendly, compassionate, empathic, discrete, attentive, good listener, tactful, open minded, affectionate, patient and fiercely loyal. I know the above sounds so self-serving, but it’s what I've been told...really!) Have a professional career and am financially secure to enjoy some of life's little pleasures and adventures. In my younger years, I placed a misguided emphasis on "JOB” & then found later in life the only really important and meaningful things in life, are family & friends. While work is still important , I no longer live to work, but rather now work to live. Am somewhat tired of being so conservative, want to experience some new things. On a personal note, like all of us who have life experiences, I have collected some "baggage" along the way, but not so much that I can't carry it by myself. have most of my hair (even though admittly receeding quickly) I have all of my teeth! Have to acknowledge that am no longer an "Adrenalin Junkie" (been there, done that, in my younger days) but as Toby Keith said “I ain't as good as I once was, but I am as good once as I ever was". Hope to meet someone who shares my interest in stepping out of their comfort zone and taking the more adventurous path. While personality and spirit are most important, I am also looking for someone who considers themselves attractive, affectionate and broad-minded. Hope to find a woman who values her own independence and self- reliance, but also has room in her heart for a partner too.
William Vi...
~ 8446 km
22/10/2015 20:35
45 New York / United States 178 cm 75 kg
I faithful, loyal and honest
Eduardo Pe...
~ 11916 km
16/10/2015 11:27
22 Salt Lake City / United States
Ibrahim kh...
~ 10417 km
17/09/2015 09:59
48 Chennai / United States
~ 8710 km
06/09/2015 02:48
43 Tampa / United States
~ 8636 km
06/08/2015 02:59
33 Wake Forest / United States 146 cm 58 kg
~ 8380 km
04/08/2015 07:11
47 Hartford / United States 185 cm 70 kg
I am down to earth, loyal, passionate and very caring...but of course anyone can easily tell you that. I think the best way to describe myself is by your getting to know me. Inasmuch as I do not lay any claim to being saintly, I think I possess most of the qualities/character traits you might want to go along with. And yes, I am a hopeless romantic. Maybe I am a dreamer.
miller ham...
~ 11690 km
31/07/2015 21:34
49 Phoenix / United States 168 cm 65 kg
am fun loving and easy going person, i love to make new friend all around the globe, i hate lies and deciet. love God and am a christian too, i just hope some day we could meet and you know all about me lol .
~ 13116 km
27/07/2015 08:06
48 Woodinville / United States 182 cm 85 kg
I'm a cool headed, understanding and open minded man.. I'm fun to be with and ready to meet someone for a serious relationship..
Morris Jac...
~ 8890 km
21/07/2015 13:18
53 Rochester / United States 137 cm 67 kg
I am nice, lovely, understanding, hardworking, easy-going, truthful, sincere, caring, romantic and tolerance. i am the kind of my who love to put smiles in a woman. i am the kind of man who have the heart to love my partner the way i love myself. Making my soul mate to feel happy at all time is what i love to do always. Taken good care of my partner is my hobby.
~ 9401 km
13/07/2015 14:31
50 Nashville / United States 180 cm
I do have a good sense of humor I love having a good conversation and I’m a great listener, I have very kind nature I treat people the way I want to be treated and is with respect, I believe in equal rights I like to have fun and enjoy life My special hobbies includes reading literature ,swimming
~ 10220 km
11/07/2015 13:27
48 Dallas / United States 155 cm 126 kg williams brown from united state? I'm 46-Years,i work as an Engineer good looking and nice going person not too shy and traveling playing chess game and so. then will love to meet someone who going be my wife and love me as i am.
Baurzhan A...
~ 12766 km
10/07/2015 23:54
45 Mountain View / United States 171 cm 63 kg
I'm a decent, funny and interesting guy - which are what friends often say about me. I like making friends from all over the world. And English is the most useful communicative tool to get to know people and become good friends. Let's study together and be good friends. Wanna talk to me? Just feel free to drop me messages.
Vincent Ru...
~ 12304 km
08/07/2015 00:45
50 Lagos / United States 181 cm
~ 9579 km
28/06/2015 05:57
60 South Bend / United States
Am a down to earth, loving,caring,understanding, tolerant,jovial with a good sense of humor. I love kids and nature. Doing charity works,spending time with kids in orphanages and less privilege. Get to know more about me when we chat....
~ 10536 km
23/06/2015 14:34
52 Sioux City / United States 182 cm 115 kg
I work as a Civil engineer, Mainly into building and road construction ,I love my job ... I like bike riding, the beach, movies, dining ,I was born and raised in NC Charlotte but spent some early years in Spain... I relocated to this state for work years ago .. I have a sister that lives in Fl with her family i love family
~ 12255 km
22/06/2015 17:59
45 Orange / United States 182 cm 75 kg
I am a new and old fashion man who believes women should be treated with dignity and respect. I believe that men and women are equal and as such there should be mutual respect shown. I am very diverse and enjoy doing many things, I enjoy sports, cooking and charity works
~ 9343 km
22/06/2015 15:05
51 Troy / United States 159 cm 101 kg
easy going man
~ 12748 km
21/06/2015 18:42
57 San Jose / United States
~ 12305 km
20/06/2015 12:44
52 Los Angeles / United States 161 cm
a honest and hard man with a daughter am a navy must of the time am at work am seeking for real love here honest hard working
~ 11680 km
16/06/2015 09:06
57 Tempe / United States 155 cm 101 kg
I'm simple in some ways and complex in others. Simple in the fact that I'm old fashioned, sincere, faithful, honest and loyal. I'm a one-woman man that you can count on and you never have to worry about my commitment. My complexity comes from my drive, ambition and competitive entrepreneurial spirit. I'm extremely intelligent and seek to forge my own path in life. I'm so flexible and adaptable that I can change paths in full stride. My work is intense, stressful and rewarding. Everyday is different and brings something new.
Ethan wale...
~ 12811 km
06/06/2015 12:20
49 San Francisco / United States 140 cm 50 kg
I am a very open minded, down-to-earth, and modest man who has lots of love to give. Although I haven't had successful relationships in the past. I know what I am looking for in a permanent commitment. People focus so much on the physical or financial attributes of a person, that where they fail to me i believe in a real strong foundational love,that is why am here .
~ 8425 km
05/06/2015 10:52
44 Great Neck / United States 179 cm 91 kg
I am very independent, I have a sarcastic sense of humor & love laughing. I have old fashioned family values & family is very important to me. I am a very honest & loyal person & I will give 100% & more to my relationship & expect the same back. I am a happy go lucky type of person & just take life as it comes because you never no whats around the corner xx
~ 9077 km
04/06/2015 16:11
36 Jonesboro / United States 172 cm 47 kg
I'm athletic and I like to hold hands with my lover to take a walk in the park. I have a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. I have an advanced degree. In my spare time, I like to play piano and read books, also I love playing tennis. I'm a soft spoken guy. I never yell or shout at anyone. I'm also a well thought out guy. I'm an adventurous man. I like to travel, experience nice things. Most of all, I love to play piano. Piano is my ultimate passion. Piano kept me alive and well organized. It brings me joy and happiness to everything and everyone around me. I studied piano since I was 9 or 10. Up until now, I am an advanced, experienced pianist. I also am an experienced martial artist. I earned my black belt in 2012. Tae-Kwon-Do keeps my physical and mind healthy and focused. I also like to read books. I also am an advanced tennis player.
~ 9007 km
20/05/2015 00:33
42 Eleanor / United States 184 cm 150 kg
~ 8665 km
06/05/2015 00:07
44 Chantilly / United States 151 cm 73 kg
I could probably write a book about who I am and what I am all about. I am at a stage in my life that I want to share my world with someone special. I wish I had all the answers to what makes a perfect relationship. I truly believe that it takes two people to create something that special. My parents have been together for more than what seems to be a lifetime. I guess deep down I hope to find someone who I can spend my own lifetime with.
2 more photos
Raymond Y
~ 9496 km
04/05/2015 18:12
56 Indianapolis / United States 168 cm 79 kg
Hi, No much talking will i write down about my self, Writing about my self, I love to swim, travel, fish, tv, news, boat ride, music, movies or cartoon, shopping. i am a very simple person, very active and smart, very well brought up from childhood, hard working, neat, a man with test. I don't like to talk about my self, i want myself to speak for me and you will see for your self. (Still knowing no one is perfect). I am a man who know what he is getting and keep been focus. For it is not by how fast, but how well. I love to take my time in everything i do, doing it well. I know my needs in life. I love to interact with family/friends.
~ 10417 km
01/05/2015 21:01
21 United States
~ 8627 km
21/04/2015 20:03
22 Alexandria / United States 165 cm 78 kg
I truly believe in being open and honest towards that special someone. I value what you have to say when you share your thoughts with me. I am very sensitive to the needs of yours. I want to make you feel that all in our lives is possible. I am independent and live my life with morals, values and understanding. If you are interested and/or believe You and I share common values and the same outlook in life, and you truly want to be respected, loved, cared for, and your life be filled with joy, then please contact me . I would implore you to see me for who I am and what I can bring to you. Please be sincere and genuine. Please take the time to really understand me and if you are the one, I would definitely love to know you better. You have much to share with me as I do with you.
Avan Walte...
~ 11683 km
26/03/2015 13:58
45 Scottsdale / United States 162 cm 124 kg
Easy going, Down to earth,loving caring and understanding,i love to smile and i love to make everyone around me happy,ask me more and i will be willing to tell u.
~ 12279 km
26/03/2015 10:26
66 La Puente / United States 175 cm 85 kg
I am spiritual, religious, and a Catholic. I am straightforward, strong willed, and therefore I don't smoke at all,I believe in treating others as I like to be treated; with kindness, courtesy, consideration, honesty, respect, etc. I do not judge others; that is up to God and I am not prejudice unless it comes to someones negative (bad) character and lack of respect, courtesy, kindness, honesty, etc. I view others through their eyes; the windows to their soul (heart) not through their physical features or attributes. Actions speak louder than words with me
sgt george...
~ 12305 km
19/03/2015 16:26
53 Los Angeles / United States 160 cm 60 kg
I 'm honest, sincere, kind, caring,understanding, family oriented and reserved sometimes, calm, so i believe that if you are a bit similar to my qualities... it would be a perfect combination. On a date, I tend to like quiet surroundings with great conversation, I like being with the person . Some of my favorite activities are: Going to the gym, reading ride motorcycle at the Track, watching sports , I like football Coz its my favourite sport and i like going to a coffee shop w/ friends. I like to enjoy music, going to the movies or just staying at home watching a good one.
~ 12255 km
16/03/2015 12:56
57 Orange / United States 159 cm 75 kg
I am an easy going and open minded man with a good sense of humor. My friends consider me well balanced, caring, friendly, dependable, trustworthy, and adventurous. Being loyal, affectionate, principled, sentimental, romantic, a good listener, and a strong sense of family are also some of my traits. I am unpretentious and down-to-earth. I think it is the quality of life that is important and not just material items. I believe in fairness and equality and treating others with respect. I am patient and like to help others, and judge them on their own merits and not by a stereotype or superficial labels. I think friendship, love and partnership are important qualities in a family. I think a close family should be an ongoing lifetime commitment, and through this commitment it can produce some of life greatest rewards. A lasting couple should be an encouragement to each other, and be examples of good role models for any children. They should also share a mutual respect for each other to have many years of love and happiness together. It is my desire to have a permanent relationship that will be an affair of the heart.
~ 12717 km
10/03/2015 22:03
63 Auburn / United States 180 cm 180 kg
fav women are the ones who open up to me
~ 8914 km
06/03/2015 21:17
27 Brookville / United States 175 cm 69 kg
Romantic, kind hearted, giving especially to those who can't help themselves for good reason, honest, loyal, trusting, flirty, playful, outgoing, intelligent, handsome, simple man, wild side, bad boy turned goood;)
bobbie dan...
~ 8622 km
05/03/2015 17:47
50 Winter Park / United States 174 cm 69 kg
lets see, I guess I can honestly say that I am a little bit shy, also I am very romantic,passionate, very clean, and love to smell ,i dnt smoke, and never ever done drugs, I love to cook, ,I really like to watch a good movie, I guess it is the same when it comes to music, , anyways I like to go to the park,to the beach, and to take long drives and just relax I speak German also know a little bit of two other languages but not to much just a little bit, anyways I love to hold hands and hug and cuddle and just be happy with the person that I am with, my favorite music is soft rock, rock & roll, oldies, soft German romantic music, and salsa too, I also like some opera, and classical, club music, some country , and even though I am kind of shy I am a very open minded kind of man ,I am not scare to fly, yes that is what I say,specially after you have been in such a scary accident as I was
~ 10118 km
04/03/2015 03:28
52 Sulphur Springs / United States 156 cm 80 kg
I am fun,outgoing,sharp witted,and strong minded.I believe in experiencing life,new ideas,and am open to trying new adventures.I believe the experiences we have and the relationships in our life far outweigh chase for material gain.If you are a workaholic or encapsulate yourself by your job you need not apply!I am extremely affectionate and still believe in true romantic love.I am also passionate by nature which means in all aspects of my life! I throw myself in fully to anything that's important to me.
~ 8478 km
02/03/2015 00:33
36 Somerset / United States 144 cm 50 kg
~ 10417 km
01/03/2015 15:02
27 United States
~ 11680 km
20/02/2015 11:56
41 Tempe / United States
~ 10385 km
18/02/2015 09:59
33 Mankato / United States 176 cm 60 kg
Simple woman, calm and really understanding. I have a daughter.
Micheal Co...
~ 8665 km
14/02/2015 00:01
44 Chantilly / United States 196 cm 64 kg
im Michael, im cool, friendly, lively, im a single guy, looking on here fir a relationship but willing to take things real slow... hope to meet that luck woman on here
jenny smit...
~ 12746 km
13/02/2015 05:04
25 San Jose / United States 168 cm 51 kg
I am passionate & playful, cute & fun & I enjoy long nights of passion. I'm looking to have a little fun...and who knows what else. I'm not necessarily looking for a relationship, but if the right person comes along that would be a bonus.
~ 9710 km
13/02/2015 03:54
28 Chicago / United States 165 cm 59 kg
Hello there ! i'm new here to meet new people by the way i'm Nicole Kelley from chicago 25 years old and single. I'm searching for simple guy here. Do you want to know more about me?
~ 12293 km
17/10/2017 05:24
55 California, Los Angeles / United States
~ 8446 km
03/09/2017 22:33
40 New York / United States
~ 12034 km
04/08/2017 00:11
30 Idaho, Pocatello / United States
~ 10376 km
31/05/2017 17:19
41 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City / United States 94 kg
Tall (6'-2"), intelligent, fun loving, love the outdoors but could cuddle on the couch, simple tastes and love to grill, romantic, passionate, charming and a gentleman
~ 8446 km
25/05/2017 18:44
38 New York / United States
Sergio Ace...
~ 8443 km
24/04/2017 06:29
104 New York, Valhalla / United States
~ 8701 km
08/04/2017 14:45
48 Florida, Bradenton / United States
~ 8415 km
07/04/2017 04:10
40 New York, Malverne / United States
~ 10234 km
05/04/2017 02:05
24 Texas, Carrollton / United States
~ 8443 km
25/03/2017 05:10
22 New York, Valhalla / United States
~ 10257 km
24/03/2017 00:21
47 Texas, Leander / United States 90 kg
I am a laid back easy going guy that would rather laugh than fight. I like to stay active and try to stay in shape
~ 10221 km
21/03/2017 09:47
41 United States
~ 8446 km
10/03/2017 17:57
33 New York / United States
~ 9216 km
07/03/2017 22:18
30 Ohio, Columbus / United States 60 kg
~ 8761 km
07/03/2017 01:32
24 North Carolina, Greensboro / United States 195 kg
~ 6092 km
04/03/2017 19:38
25 Georgia, Atlanta / United States
~ 5361 km
20/02/2017 09:16
17 Georgia, Atlanta / United States
~ 8667 km
06/02/2017 18:30
41 Chantilly / United States
~ 11254 km
26/01/2017 03:47
38 Louisville / United States 200 kg
Not a hard person to get a long with I like to do whatever there is to do
Amp Whatuw...
~ 10485 km
25/01/2017 21:44
31 United States
~ 12297 km
18/01/2017 12:27
27 Pasadena / United States
~ 9712 km
28/11/2016 21:44
32 Chicago / United States 80 kg
Ifeanyi Vi...
~ 12297 km
08/11/2016 21:13
29 Pasadena / United States
~ 11716 km
07/11/2016 10:18
37 Peoria / United States
~ 11250 km
29/09/2016 03:35
44 Louisville / United States
~ 9059 km
03/09/2016 04:38
27 Lawrenceville / United States
~ 11224 km
02/09/2016 22:02
22 Albuquerque / United States 73 kg
~ 9269 km
14/07/2016 03:10
52 Wilsonville / United States 55 kg
I have a very good soul. I love helping people. I love children and I want my family. I would like to be with a man who appreciates me and wants a serious relationship.
Craig Jens...
~ 9059 km
13/07/2016 08:02
59 Lawrenceville / United States
Mel ant
~ 8421 km
22/06/2016 12:13
49 Springfield Gardens / United States 165 kg
I teally dont feel like typing about myself it will be quick and sweet,i like sports cowboys is my favorite team and hope by the time i reach 50 i can move to texas.i have two sons there big and i am finish,fun pretty sexy woman need apply haha
~ 12744 km
21/06/2016 09:48
40 San Jose / United States
~ 9620 km
15/06/2016 01:48
34 La Porte / United States 90 kg
Hey. Hows it going.
~ 10485 km
10/06/2016 05:43
24 Los Angeles / United States
~ 12297 km
08/06/2016 16:54
23 Pasadena / United States
~ 12304 km
25/05/2016 12:30
46 Los Angeles / United States
~ 11171 km
24/05/2016 12:39
45 Denver / United States
Im a outdoors,outgoing,very deeply caring type of man.when i love or care i go all family first.i grew up with 2 blind always for the music,and anthing outdoors.
~ 8423 km
17/05/2016 05:55
58 North Miami Beach / United States 84 kg
I am a romantic man, but at the same time very sexual, caring, tender, that treats ladies like the Queens they are, with love, attention, and extreme affection.
~ 8423 km
14/05/2016 11:17
28 Miami / United States
I m hear Dubai Care take persons. I need soul mate. 05. 6 30. 14. 250 whatsup
~ 9123 km
05/05/2016 23:52
40 Powder Springs / United States
~ 9127 km
30/04/2016 13:24
52 Acworth / United States 158 kg
Simple honest
~ 12306 km
18/04/2016 01:50
61 Los Angeles / United States 65 kg
I am a simple man love trevling,gardening ect.